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Crane Transport

In the world of heavy machinery, cranes stand tall, both figuratively and literally. These engineering marvels play an indispensable role in construction, infrastructure development, and various industries. When it comes to transporting these colossal machines, it requires more than just a truck and a trailer. That’s where FLOATR INC.’s Crane Transport Service steps in. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how FLOATR INC. is lifting success to new heights with its specialized crane transport solutions.

The Crucial Role of Crane Transport

Cranes are renowned for their ability to hoist, position, and maneuver heavy loads with precision. However, their massive size and weight present a unique challenge when it comes to transportation. Ensuring their safe and efficient transport from one job site to another is a task that demands expertise, specialized equipment, and meticulous planning.

Benefits of Choosing FLOATR INC.

By opting for FLOATR INC.’s Crane Transport Service, clients can enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that their valuable cranes are in the hands of experts who prioritize safety and security.
  • Efficiency: Timely delivery of cranes means projects can get underway sooner, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Cost Savings: Preventing damage to expensive crane equipment and avoiding accidents keeps costs down and profitability up.


FLOATR INC.’s Crane Transport Expertise

FLOATR INC. has established itself as a trusted partner in the transportation of heavy machinery, including cranes. Here’s how they ensure the success of each crane transport:

  • Specialized Equipment: FLOATR INC. maintains a fleet of specialized transport vehicles designed to accommodate cranes of various sizes and types. These vehicles are equipped with the necessary features to securely transport these heavyweights.
  • Rigorous Planning: Successful crane transport begins long before the wheels start rolling. FLOATR INC.’s team conducts meticulous route planning, taking into consideration factors like road conditions, clearances, and potential obstacles.
  • Customized Solutions: No two cranes are exactly alike, and FLOATR INC. understands this. Their transport solutions are tailored to the specific crane being transported, ensuring a secure fit and safe journey.
  • Safety First: Safety is paramount in crane transport, and FLOATR INC. leaves no room for compromise. Their team consists of skilled professionals trained in handling heavy machinery transport with utmost care.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with transportation regulations is not just a legal requirement; it’s a commitment to safety. FLOATR INC. ensures that all their crane transport operations adhere to the necessary regulations and guidelines.


FLOATR INC.’s Crane Transport Service is much more than just hauling heavy equipment. It’s a testament to their dedication to ensuring the safe and efficient transport of essential machinery that powers industries and builds the future.

Whether you’re a construction company, an infrastructure developer, or an industry that relies on cranes for heavy lifting, choosing FLOATR INC. as your crane transport partner can make all the difference. With their expertise, specialized equipment, and commitment to safety, FLOATR INC. is ready to lift your success to new heights, one crane transport at a time.

Crane to transport?
We are here to help.

Need to haul a truck-mounted crane or crawler crane? Not sure how to do so? The FLOATR INC professional team flatbed transport is here to help. We can help you haul cranes of all sizes and types – our heavy haul drivers have experience of over a decade, moving construction loads. We can haul everything – even heavy loads!

We understand that the safety and security of your crane are of paramount importance. Late delivery or unexpected damage to your crane can be an enormous setback, which is why we pride ourselves in using industry-standard best practices to care for your crane during the haul process – and to document its condition when loading and unloading. Thousands of heavy haulers have already trusted us with their construction equipment – and you can, too! Give us a call to learn more about our freight services, and get a quote for moving your crane.

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