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Complete heavy hauling services from 35 ft to 53ft supporting weight from 18K lbs to 50K lbs. We deliver your goods on time with responsibility, dedication, and commitment. Flatbed Transport is selected when the load is not easily transported in an enclosed truck trailer due to delivery size or dimensions. An open truck can allow you to transport a high volume of several materials in one trip. An open truck bed is especially useful for transporting oddly shaped cargo and a big plus for loose materials. When you use this type of trucking service, you can cut freight shipping costs and speed up completion time.


LTL shipments normally weigh between 100 and 30,000 lbs. Since it would be costly to continuously transport small amounts of freight, consolidating LTL Trucking shipments for transport is the more practical option. The main advantage of using FLOATR INC. for your LTL Trucking shipments is the network we have in place to give you expedited transit times at competitive pricing. If your shipment does not fill up an entire 48 or 53-foot trailer, we recommend LTL Trucking as an option. Our experienced dispatch will need to know information about the weight of your load to determine if LTL Trucking is the best solution for you.

Power Only

Power-only trucking is where our company FLOATR provides only the tractor in the tractor-trailer combination. Our customer provides a trailer unit that is loaded and ready to go. Our power-only shipping services offer a cost-effective way to keep up with your shipping demands.

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Expedite Service

For time-sensitive deliveries, you want the fastest and most effective expedite shipping service. FLOATR makes a promise we like to keep it.

Oversized Loads

In road transport, an oversize load is a load that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight limits according to Ontario Province

Power Only

FLOATR provides only the tractor in the tractor-trailer combination. Our power-only shipping services offer a cost-effective transport service

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