Construction Equipment Transport
Construction Equipment Transport
Flat Bed Transport

Floatr offers hot shot trucking services to help companies move their commodities all over Ontario.

Floatr offers hot shot trucking services to help companies move their commodities all over Ontario.

Flat Bed Transport

Floatr offers hot shot trucking services to help companies move their commodities all over Ontario.

Floatr offers hot shot trucking services to help companies move their commodities all over Ontario.

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FLOATR strives to avoid standing still. Our aim is to take on big problems and create even bigger solutions

Flatbed Transport Solutions for Businesses
to deliver their freight

Real Time Tracking

GPS enabled trucks. Live tracking of your load. Know when to expect your delivery

Pre Booking

Get instant quotes on all your loads. Book and pay 100% online. Save time and get more done.

Easy Pickup & Dropoff

Your delivery time is guaranteed. Live load tracking makes pickup easy. We take care of the hard work.

Based in Guelph Ontario, Floatr is among the best flatbed transport trucking companies in the region. As one of the local trucking companies, our flatbed delivery services are tailored to your specific needs. Offering top-notch flatbed services, we specialize in tractor transport, skid steer transport, and equipment float services. Our expertise also extends to heavy equipment float services including oversized load transport. When searching for trucking companies in Guelph or transport companies near you, Floatr stands out as the go-to option. Floatr boasts amazing reviews where you can learn about why we are the preferred choice for local transportation for float services such as farm equipment transport and wide-load trucking services. With a team of professionals and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, Floatr delivers excellence in every aspect of float transport.

Flatbed Delivery Service
While Floatr is based in Guelph, we offer flatbed delivery services near you that assure your cargo arrives safely and on time. Whether, it is hauling vans, or farm equipment transport to oversize load transport, Floatr has you covered. Our wide range of services, including float transport, makes us one of the most trusted trucking companies in Guelph. 
Equipment float services

Looking for heavy equipment float services near you? Floatr has you covered. We are one of the top flatbed trucking companies that offers equipment haulers for hire near you. With a reputation for excellence, we provide heavy equipment transport solutions tailored to your specific needs. At Floatr we prioritize quality and efficiency, We are among the best flatbed carriers near you, and our transport services extend to various locations across Ontario, ensuring your cargo is handled with care. When it comes to transportation companies, weare a name you can trust.

Hot Shot Trucking
Hot Shot Transport is a specialized and expedited freight transportation service designed for urgent or time-sensitive cargo. It is a solution that caters to the on-demand delivery of goods often within a fast or shorter timeframe than standard freight services. 
This service is particularly beneficial when businesses or individuals require immediate transportation of their goods, and it is commonly used in industries where downtime or delivery delays can result in significant costs or disruptions. Hot Shot Transport utilizes very powerful pickup trucks with a 25,000-pound capacity to swiftly transport small to medium-sized- cargo, providing a more personalized and quicker delivery experience.  
Hot Shot Trucking is the go-to choice when time is of the essence. and reliability is paramount. Whether it is a last-minute delivery, a critical spare part, or an urgent shipment, this service ensures your cargo is swiftly, and securely delivered to its destination, helping you meet your tight deadline and keep your operations running smoothly.

We Aim to deliver great Flatbed Transport Services
The Ultimate Customer Service


Complete Heavy Hauling Services

Contact our customer support for more detailed information regarding your load requirements
  • 35FT Flatbed UpTo 18K LBS 
  • 35FT Flatbed UpTo 24K LBS  
  • 53FT Stepdeck UpTo 50K LBS

We provide Anual MTO Oversized Permits for your load

We strongly recommend contacting our customer support for more detailed information about your Oversized Load
  • Overall Lenght 25m
  • Overall Width 3.85m
  • Overall Height 4.26m

Extreme expedite delivery when you need it most

Our experienced team will deliver and pick up your expedited haul just in time without delays of any kind. We will keep you informed about your load with real-time updates over email and phone.
  • Open deck haul
  • Flatbed haul
  • Gooseneck haul
  • Hotshot haul

We'll cover Power Only Trucking for third party logistics providers

Get the most from your budget and take advantage of our power-only trucking service. We want to help you to meet your deadline.
  • Flatbed & Open deck trailers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Shipping containers

We deliver your goods
in time with responsibility

Professional and Qualified Satff

Amazing Customer Service

With our experience, dedication, and commitment to the industry the customer can be assured of stress-free flatbed transport service.

Heavy Equipment Hauling
Shipping Containers
Over-Sized Loads

We completed 5258 plus hauls across Ontario

We offer the highest quality hotshot hauling service to our customers and seek excellence in all aspects of our work. With a large diversified fleet, we are able to transport any oversized construction machine, industrial equipment, agriculture tractors, shipping containers, tiny homes,  scaffolds structures, manufacturing equipment, generator, military equipment, vehicles, septic tank, concrete blocks, lumber, railroad, pipe, water tank, airplane or any oversize equipment or machine 

5258 +

Loads delivered

652 +

Satisfied Customers
Please feel free to contact our friendly reception staff with any enquiry, <span style="text-decoration: underline"><span class="thsn-span-global">call 1 (519) 265 9740</span></span>

Please feel free to contact our friendly reception staff with any enquiry, call 1 (519) 265 9740

We are more than gratefull
to serve these great customers

Flatbed Transport Company in Ontario