George Mihut

Multimedia Designer

George Mihut started working in the marketing industry back in Romania. He had worked for a local news station back in his home country, has taken those skills, and has brought them here to Canada to help develop FLOATR.After his time in college in Canada he had taken up various jobs in the industry, until one fateful day when he met Joe Jackson at a rally supporting the trucking industry. From then George has become a critical part of the team with his knowledge of web design and camera/editing expertise he has created a top-tier website and landing pages, as he also continues to craft high-quality video content for FLOATR’s YouTube channel.


    Hi, I’m George, the multimedia designer at FLOATR. Passionate about branding, videography, and photography. Always looking for perfection in details and artistic approach in order to stand out. I am in charge of anything related to FLOATR branding. Thank you for visiting FLOATR website

    Technical Skills

    A few technical skills developed over few years if experience

    Graphic Design
    Video Editing
    Web Development

    Interests & Hobbies

    Usually, I love anything that’s not boring. I like fishing but only If I catch something :).


    I love riding the wind. Off Road, mountains and no highway

    Summer and Water

    I love water and water sports

    Movies and Music

    I love watching action movies and music videos

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    If not, please feel free to contact me using the following form